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Having a social media campaign is a stupid idea

Social media is no longer new territory. Gone are the days where we are impressed by a brand interacting with users in social spaces. Social Media is tried and tested, with case studies from Starbucks, Dell, Wallmart and many other huge brand names.

Now attempting to create a social media campaign is outdated. Now is the age of integration. Creating any element of a campaign in isolation is not only the sign of a poor strategy, but it’s a wasted opportunity.

Social media should now be considered in the brainstorming sessions of fully integrated campaigns, and no longer reserved just for seeding or tacked on to the end of a larger campaign.

Just like any other medium, social media works better as part of a fully integrated offline and online strategic approach to campaigns, with each element complimenting and amplifying each other.

Just having a Twitter a page doesn’t cut it anymore. Having an isolated social media campaign is a stupid idea.


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  1. Alex White |

    Completely agree. Social media and twitter needs to be integrated into every real world campaign activity. The problem is that the social-media types are often not the people who are on the ground, and those people don’t know about social media.

  2. Johnny Gedye |

    Truth Truth Truth.

    I think as you said it’s slowly getting there. Just take a look at Highstreet retailers who are advertising their “social” spaces as real places to ‘get involved’ with a brand. Its a good thing.


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