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Holly Leam-Taylor’s Deloitte First year analysts Christmas Awards :D

It just goes to show the power of connected networks. What started off as a a graduate asking the girls in her department has spread quickly around the internet, being sent from department to department, company to company:

From: Leam-Taylor, Holly (UK – London)
Sent: 08 December 2009 11:50
Subject: Deloitte First year analysts Christmas Awards :D

So girls….

It’s been nearly 4 months at Deloitte so I think we should have some sort of Xmas awards ceremony for us ladies about the stuff that really matters at work i.e. gossip/ the boys! This probably massively violates the HR equal opportunities policy, but never mind! It’s all for fun and a bit of a laugh.

Ok, so the categories are below, please get your votes in asap, I’ll send out the results on Friday 18th Dec (that is all I will be doing that day as I will be SO hungover from the ball!) Any comments as to why you’ve picked a certain person that are particularly good/hilarious can be included, anonymously, of course ;)
1.) Fittest boy – looks
2.) Fittest boy – body
3.) Best dressed boy
4.) Boy most likely to sleep his way to the top
5.) Best piece of gossip you’ve heard so far this year
6.) Most attractive “older” member of staff (i.e above analyst grade)
7.) Boy with the best personality
8.) Most hilarious/embarrassing moment a girl has had
9.) The official Deloitte First-year Analyst Girls “Man of the year”

Enjoy thinking about it!
Much love to all

Holly xxx

The email has been forwarded through all the major financial institutions in London, and from them, major companies in the world. In just two days. Now the girl in question, Holly Leam-Taylor has taken down her Twitter and Facebook pages, probably trying to shy away from her new found internet fame. Just need to search google to see why…


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