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Creating landing pages for your visitors

Everybody clicks on links and can end up at a site and they can’t tell what the site is about. This is even more true for a lot of blog, which tend to have the latest post on the front page, without much context. This can be confusing for newcomers. Put it this way, imagine opening the book and the first page you find is actually page 129.

So what are landing pages?

It’s simple really; it’s a certain page that is created for new visitors from specific areas such as the link from your Twitter profile. This guide focuses on creating a Twitter landing page, but the principle can be applied to visitors from other areas. The content will probably largely overlap, but it can be nice to have a note or specific content for users from different locations, such as people clicking on one of your ads, your facebook profile or your youtube channel, dig, reddit etc.

NOTE: a landing page is more than just an about page. Actually, in many senses, it’s less. The landing page is meant to give the visitor a very brief understanding of who you are and what you do. About pages tend to be longer and more detailed, with some authors describing each major character and story arch. This isn’t necessary for a landing page.

What should I put on my landing page?

  • A brief bio of yourself. Nothing major, a few lines will suffice
  • A description of your blog. This can be more detailed than your personal bio, but don’t spend too long on. Try to make it as concise as possible, and it goes without saying; make the blog sound awesome
  • Links to other stuff you do. Do you have another blog? A facebook page? A vlog? Link to them!
  • Finally, a link back to Twitter (Facebook, YouTube etc) with a suggestion for the visitor to follow you!

The most important rule is to keep it short. People have come to your site from Twitter to find out a little more about you, not your whole life story. Put too much and people will get bored and leave.

Why should I bother?

The book metaphor wasn’t enough? Okay, I’ll extend it. Imagine that after you’ve opened the book there is a personal note in there just for people who have bought the book from a specific shop. Won’t those people feel special? And loved? And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Making people feel loved.

Also, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes so you really have no excuse not to.


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