The no-nonsense Social Media Awards, powered by you

Social media marketing is vast. There are thousands peddling their craft, from the experts to the gurus. It seems all you need to be an expert is a twitter account and a t-shirt. We wanted to do something to help find those people that are actually doing good social, not just saying they are. So welcome to the first Eat Sleep Social awards, the no-nonsense social media awards, powered by you.


Community Manager of the Year

It's a tough job, being the face of a brand. Day in, day out, having to not tell customers that they're being stupid. Tirelessly finding ways to actually represent their brand online, rather than just finding images from the internet to post to their Facebook pages. Nominate people that you think are doing a sterling job - either the person themselves, or the account they manage.

Social Media Personality of the Year

There are just some people that stand out. They're ahead of the curve but not a dick about it. The person everyone loves to follow on Twitter because they don't constantly nominate themselves for things like this. Vote for your favourite person in social media.

Best Customer Service in Social

Not all brands are using social media for customer service (yet), but of those that do, some really stand out. Vote for the brand that you think goes above the rest and delivers really bloody good customer service.

Best use of Social in an Integrated Campaign

Social works best when it's part of a fully integrated approach, and so we want to celebrate those brands that manage to do this. Not just a hashtag on an advert, or a follow us button on their website, this brand must truly understand how to leverage social right through.

Best Branded Twitter Account

Whether they're funny, useful or interesting, this brand is a shining example to other brands of how to manage a Twitter account.

Best Facebook Brand Page

Great content, high levels of engagement, good community management - whatever the reason this brand is what other brands aspire to be. They've probably never even been on Condescending Brand Page.

Best Use of Video

Let's not use the word 'viral' here, okay?

Best Use of Vine

Some call it an art form, others a stop-motion fad. Regardless of what you think about it, this brand leading the charge in Vine territory.

Best Use of Social in a Crisis

It can happen to all of us, but not everyone can weather the social media crisis storm. Hats off to those brands that successfully navigated those waters.

Most Innovative Use of Social

Some of the best things come from trying something new - it's time to celebrate those brave enough to try. Vote for the person, agency or brand that is consistently pushing the boundaries.

Social Media Effectiveness

ROI ROI ROI. Whilst many people have been arguing about whether or not you can measure the effectiveness of social, some people have just, you know, been doing it. This award is for them, those that truly understand the value of measurement and effectiveness.

Favourite Platform

There are dozens of platforms, ranging from the behamoths of Facebook and Twitter, to the often unsung likes of Reddit and Stumbleupon.

Agency of the Year

Which agencies are absolutely killing it this year? From bloody amazing campaigns, to solid foundational work - which agency should other agencies look up to?

Best Social Media Commentator

Social media wouldn't be social media without people writing about social media. Most of it is noise and nonsense but some strive to cut through that - vote for the person / team that you think isn't just part of the echo chamber and is actually adding some value.



"Can I nominate anyone?" - yes

"Do I have to pay to enter?" - no

"Will there be an actual award?" - maybe