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The dictionary definition of a selfie

Selfie; a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

All of a sudden, selfie is in the dictionary and it’s as if that’s a signal to bastardise the word. It has become ‘a thing’ therefore it means less than it ever did.

Selfie seems to be worryingly bolted on to any picture of a person, increasingly taken by others!

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social sunday six

Six nice bits of social 3

A little round up of six nice bits of social that we saw this week, including Gap’s Instagram competition, KFC’s social TV ad and Old Spice’s Gentleman Hunt. If you spot any next week, don’t forget to tell us on Twitter.

British Airways – Twitter customer service

What it is: Twitter user Collyn complained on Twitter about delays to a flight she was supposed to be on, and BA rebooked her on a different flight.
Why we like it: We’re not 100% sure whether we like this a lot, or find it really creepy that BA put quite personal details in a public tweet and not a DM. But it’s interesting either way. Not amazing, but, you know, interesting.
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GAry Vee image

Gary Vaynerchuk in London

Last night I went along to the Islington Design Centre to see Gary Vee talk. I’ve followed Gary for a few years and always liked his brash and blunt opinions on how simple social media actually is but still people choose to get it wrong.

Rather than him talking, like I’ve seen him do in videos from other events this was a Q&A. This worked perfectly for someone like Gary, every reply giving the person asking more than they probably expected. From actual business advice to suggestions on where to go and how to solve a particular problem. This really showcased Gary’s main point of the evening and what his new book – Ja, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is about – the how rather than the why, the practical manual of execution rather than (another) book on the theory.

He stated that theories and ideas can be right, but they’re nothing without execution. Success is based on the execution.

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Everything you need to know about: Messaging Apps

With some insane chatter around SnapChat’s 400 million number and the latest news from Instagram, the marketing world is suddenly hyper-aware of what has been a quietly growing trend from the last year or so – the incredible rise of messaging apps. We’ve done the heavy lifting and done the research on the big players and what this means for marketers.

facebook real time

Has Facebook given up on real-time?

Increasingly, Facebook happens in ad breaks, whereas Twitter happens throughout a programme.

I was having a conversation this week about the future of Facebook for brands, and how their new ‘Facebook is a reach platform’ strategy will affect brands’ objectives. Aside from the wider question of whether Facebook is losing relevance in the youth market (it is, and becoming more business-focused and less user-focused can only accelerate that) it made me think about how we use the various platforms as consumers. Read More


Six nice bits of social 2

A little round up of six nice bits of social that we saw this week. If you spot any next week, don’t forget to tell us on Twitter.

Dominos – #lookdown

What it is: One of our favourite bits of social from last week was BA’s #lookup activity. Dominos have spoofed the ad with their own #lookdown piece of activity. Hilarity ensues.

Why we like it: It’s a nice stunt that probably cost very little to do but will get them a lot of online mentions. Clever.
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Launching the no-nonsense social media awards

We’re very happy to announce to first ever Eat Sleep Social Awards, no-nonsense awards for bloody good work and bloody good people.

Every year an awful lot of rubbish gets nominated for awards, and self-styled gurus and ‘experts get handed awards for work that isn’t very good or isn’t very social. Awards are often a closed process and that have a cost associated with entry. Which is the exact antithesis of social media which encourages free and open sharing. This means that the big boys tend to dominate, with a vending machine or INSERT OTHER ANNOYING CAMPAIGN HERE picking up rafts of awards.

We’re looking to change that, or at least try to showcase work, people and agencies are doing good stuff.

It’s simple enough – you nominate the who you think deserves an award by tweeting – we’ll aggregate the tweets, create a shortlist of nominations and then open it to a vote. All open, all public and all powered by you.

Head over to to start nominating… And give us a follow whilst you’re at it


Not so social social

Real world anti social behavior is punishable by administrating an ASBO. There’s not an online equivalent but you can’t live your online life going around sharing things willy-nilly thinking there aren’t unwritten rules to this game. Below are 5 common social mistakes you should really try and avoid:

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The problem with Facebook’s new haircut

A majority of us spend our days in offices surrounded by the same people. If one day you turn up with a snazzy new haircut, those closest to you will probably notice. They won’t care but they’ll notice. That’s because they’re used to you. Babs in finance, up on the third floor who you might only get a fleeting glance from every third Tuesday in the corridor on the way to lunch probably won’t notice your haircut, she only just about knows your face and hasn’t had the chance to learn your name yet. You could have changed hairstyles 5 times in the last two weeks and Babs would be none the wiser.

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