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Posting Schedules

Some bloggers are able to meet every update they promise. For some of us however, the time constraints of running a blog can prove difficult at times.

What can help is a rough plan of where you are going, or what you are going to do next. It could range to some sketches to just a few words, but having a direction will really help you in posting updates regularly. I personally have an ideas book, jotting down several ideas per page, sometimes diagram sketches, sometimes bullets, and occasionally just a word or two to trigger a memory. Read More


How often do you read other blogs?

A lot of people put up a links page, a page where they link to other people’s blogs that they read; more common is the blogroll, literally just a list of blogs they recommend.  Some of these pages and blog rolls list hundreds of other blogs, and chances are they only do it so that maybe some of those sites link back. I find it difficult enough to keep up with the dozen or so I read so when I see pages with over a hundred links I find it a bit dubious.

But whether or not all of them get read, I still think it is important to read other peoples’ blogs. Obviously you can continue to write a blog without ever seeing somebody else’s posts, though I think you’d obviously be missing out. For one thing, you miss out on one of the best parts of blogs, the amazing community. By not reading any other blogs you are cutting yourself off from this community. Read More


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is a strategy in which a company attempts to develop relationships with the existing and potential customers, typically facilitated though the use of technology to capture, store and analyse information about customers.



Authenticity is remaining true to yourself, your brand and your values.


Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is an umbrella term referring to a large number of applications and services that enable interaction, communication and collaboration with other people online.


What’s in a domain name?

These days there are lots of places to get your blog online for free which has probably helped to fuel the massive growth in the number of blogs over the last decade. People who have no understanding of php or have never seen a html page are able to get their blog hosted for free in minutes. Most of these services also allow a certain degree of customisation to your little part of the internet. And it’s all totally free! Read More


19% of tweets are brand mentions

Case studies abound about how twitter can be used for sales, and there are various studies about the demographics that use Twitter. However, there is little in the way of research about what users tweet about, and if brands have a place on the social network. That is until now. A study, which looked at roughly 150,000 tweets, examined how users were talking about brands using micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter. The paper, published by Prof Jansen at Penn State University, reveals that 19% of tweets are brands mentions. Read More


And now you know!

The fourth video in the ever popular “Did you know?” series. Lots of interesting facts and figures to show quite how things are changing:


Probably best to start with introductions

Since this blog is about all things social, I suppose the best way to start it would be by being social and introducing myself. My name is Mike Phillips and I work as a social media executive for a digital agency. I wrote my Master’s thesis on social CRM, how to integrate social media activities into a CRM framework.

After completing my thesis I found that after 4 months of writing and reading about social media, social technologies, social CRM and digital marketing in general, I wasn’t really ready to stop writing. So the aim of this blog is a place to continue my research and carry on writing.

At the moment the blog is a bit rough and ready, it will probably get changed quite a bit in the coming weeks, and so if you have any ideas for content and topics, blog and twitter-roll links or any other suggestions let me know.

So now you know who I am, why don’t you tell me in the comments who you are?